Nine months can feel like a long time however the arrival of your bundle of joy will soon creep up on you. Whilst you’ve been busy buying furniture, prams, car seats and bedding you may have forgotten to pack your essentials ready for labour. Midwives recommend your bag is packed by the time you reach 34 weeks pregnant. We have put together a list of the ten things we think you can’t give birth without.

1. Birth Plan

Of course it is impossible to control every aspect of labour and it is important to stay flexible however by having this with you when there is a choice to be made, your wishes are clear.

2. A nightdress

Giving birth can be messy so be prepared to throw this away, be sure to take a few and if you plan to breastfeed, a front opening night dress is particularly helpful.

3. Lightweight dressing gown and slippers

Hospitals are hot so keep it lightweight and ideally dark in colour. Slippers will be handy for the early labour pacing around you may do. Make sure your partner has comfy shoes too!

4. Hair bands and a hair brush

Labour is a stressful experience anyway so you may be happy to have your hair off of you face whilst in hospital.

5. Lip Balm

This may seem unnecessary however the heat in the hospital can dry your lips out quite quickly and lip balm will help to soothe this. Remember you want to be a comfortable as possible!

6. Toiletries

This can be anything from a toothbrush to moisturiser, some other things you may also want to consider are; dry shampoo and hand sanitising gel.

7. Breast pads and maternity pads

Not the most glamorous items on the list however they are a must, take a couple of packs just in case.

8. A going home outfit

A loose outfit to travel home in is essential, it will take a little while for the swelling to go down so being comfortable is key.

9. Food and snacks

Take lots of drinks and snacks to keep up your energy during the birth.

10. Maternity bra

If you intend to breast feed you will need a maternity bra for quick and easy access. Nipple cream will also help to soothe and heal and this can also be left on whilst breastfeeding.