Mother’s Day is fast approaching and dads around the UK may be struggling with ideas for how to treat and pamper the mother of their little darlings, especially if it’s their first year celebrating.

As a mum if there is one day of the year when you should be spoiled then it’s Mothers Day. This event should be a treated as a special occasion celebrating your well-earned mummy status! You’d be right to expect a lie-in, breakfast in bed (which may include burnt toast), a card signed with a scribble and a doodle and a thoughtful gift from your loved ones.

Obviously all mums deserve to be treated like queens all year round, but here are a few ideas about how you can show her you really appreciate her and to make her Mother’s Day celebrations extra special.


1. A Well-Deserved Lie-In
Give her the most amazing lie-in, not only by letting her stay in bed for an hour or two extra but by making sure the kids are dressed and have eaten breakfast by the time she graces you with her presence.

2. Cards Handmade with Love
Give her a homemade Mother’s Day card that you helped your little ones make specially. Not only will she love that it’s been made by the children but she’ll be pleased that you took the time to do it with them.

2. A Hassle-Free Day Trip
Take her on a lovely family day out where you have planned everything already so she doesn’t have to worry about the details. You’ve already made the packed lunches and all the children’s paraphernalia is in the car ready.

3. Spoil Her Rotten
Book somewhere to go for lunch or dinner. This avoids doing the washing up for everyone. Later in the evening, prepare a relaxing bubble bath for her, complete with chocolates and a glass of champagne.

5. A Relaxing Evening at Home
Let her watch her favourite television programmes while you do the housework. This will make her life easier and she can have a giggle at you wearing her pink rubber gloves.

Happy Mother’s Day!