I have a confession to make…I am a Royalist…Or that is what I am going to call myself any ways.

I love the royal family, they make me proud to be British and I’m a firm believer they make our country stands above the rest, steeped in tradition over thousands of years. Any chance that I get to go down to London I am there in the middle of tourists, with the cameras outside Buckingham Palace, with a flag in my hand and tears in my eyes.

I was born in 1986, coincidentally I share the same birthday with our very own HRH. Maybe this is where my love of Royals began. Who knows, but what I can tell you is that when Prince William and Kate announced they were expecting an Heir to the Throne, I was ecstatic! This was my first encounter of a new Royal Baby, as I wasn’t born when William entered the world in 1982, or Harry in 1984.


For days I watched the doors of St Mary’s hospital, waiting for the first glance of the Royal baby (I am almost positive my colleagues were going to put me in a box and ship me off to London to get rid of me.) I constantly asked hundreds of questions: Will it be a boy or a girl? What will Kate wear? How will they bring the new baby out? Who will present the new arrival to the world? And most importantly, what pram will the new royal family have? Will they go with a Silver Cross or a Bugaboo? (it was reported Kate had purchased a Cameleon) Prior to this I had been scouring the internet soaking up any information possible for any clues to these answers.

Currently getting giddier by the day, Pramworld can barely contain it’s excitement for the first sibling of Prince George, even more so now that Prince William has officially started his paternity leave! (okay okay, maybe the excitement is just from me at least, but the excitement is almost too much too bare.)

For Prince George, William and Kate chose the Silver Cross Elegance. Kate was pictured walking the grounds of Kensington Palace with the pram. Silver Cross for me symbolises the essence of the Royal Family; their values and tradition. I really like that they chose British brands to trust with their child. This included their Britax car seat used to transport Prince George home from hospital.


The Silver Cross brand is 138 years old. Originally founded in 1877, William Wilson designed the very first baby carriage. This included the famous bouncy spring system, making the Silver Cross one of a kind. All over the world, the Silver Cross name is renowned for building the most exclusive baby coaches, known as the Rolls Royce of prams. The generously-sized carriage and the extra thick mattress adds to the prestige and comfort of this historic Pram. Did you know king George VII had a custom coach built Silver Cross made for Queen Elizabeth? Almost 90 years ago! Elizabeth chose the same pram, along with Charles and Diana for both William and Harry.

So, as I am going to London this weekend, (not for the Royal baby but for the marathon) I will be secretly plotting to escape to St Mary’s to set up camp to see the newest addition to the family.