Side sleeping cots are becoming increasingly popular, different to co sleeping; a side sleeping cot allows you to keep your baby close at the side of the bed with the cot side down. The cot will attach to the bed keeping it stable and secure and with the drop down side and adjustable height functions, the side sleeper basically becomes an extension of your own bed. This still allows for the benefits of breastfeeding and soothing your little one during the night whilst reducing the potential risks involved with co sleeping.

Two of the most popular products on the market are the SnÜzPod and the Chicco Next2Me, both options are award winning side sleepers but which one is the best?



What’s Included?

Crib & Mattress

Crib, Mattress, Carry bag

Price (RRP)



Colour Options

Natural, White, Dove Grey, Espresso

Dove Grey & Fuchsia



The SnÜzPod is a 3-in-1 crib, perfect for side sleeping, can be used as a standalone crib and the removable rocking bassinet can be removed from the base and used as a Moses basket around the home. Although the more expensive of the two, this makes the SnÜzPod excellent value for money as you don’t have to buy a downstairs sleeping option for baby too.

The SnÜzPod comes flat packed and is relatively easy to assemble and all in all this took about 20 minutes, once assembled the crib attaches to the bed with some fabric straps, whether this is a metal fame bed or a divan, they are long enough to accommodate either and the adjustable height means the crib sits perfectly in line with your own mattress.

Beautifully constructed the SnÜzPod comes in an array of colours and will match well to your bedroom furniture whilst being a beautiful addition to any other room too. Little Green Sheep, the company who manufacture the SnuzPod also make a bedding set specifically for this product including 2 fitted sheets, 1 waterproof mattress protector and a small jersey blanket retailing at £44.95. All products are organic and made from 100% cotton. Overall the look and feel of the crib is that of extremely good quality and would be a definite recommendation for any mum to be!


chicco next2me

The Next2Me is a side sleeping crib however does not have the same 3-in-1 functionality as the SnÜzPod. The Next2Me could be moved around the home however it is considerably larger making is not as portable for moving up and down stairs. It does come complete with a carry bag making it easy to pack away for taking on trips etc and at £150.00 this option is also very good value for money.

The Next2Me crib is flat packed in the box and is simple to assemble, once complete the crib feels sturdy and strong. Although both cribs are recommended from birth to 6 months, the Next2Me is considerably larger than the SnÜzPod and dependent on the size of your child, this crib could potentially last longer. Like the SnÜzPod the Next2Me can be attached to any bed and has a height adjustable base, the drop down side also offers the same benefits allowing easy access to your child to comfort and feed them.

I personally think the Next2Me has more of a travel cot feel as oppose to being a piece of furniture that fits in with the home, and dependent on your personal taste and style you will be more suited to one than the other. The Next2Me is available in a minimalist Dove Grey or a brighter Fuchsia option and more recently Chicco have introduced bedding to the range including under sheet sets and crib sheet sets retailing from £25.00-£30.00. Overall we think this side sleeper is excellent value for money, it has been tried and tested by thousands of parents receiving excellent reviews and multiple awards for functionality and practicality. We truly believe you would not be disappointed with the Next2Me for your new arrival.