Two and a half years ago on one particularly picturesque morning in April, I pee’d on a stick (and a little on my hand), spotted those pale pink lines and instantly became a Mummy; that’s when my 9 months and forever started.

I’m Kaye, a first-time Mum to now-20 month old Archie and parenting & lifestyle blogger at Hello Archie.

9 months after my initial realisation of impending motherhood, Archie came into our lives at the precise moment I’d usually be putting my feet up on the sofa after a hectic morning of present-opening. Thanks to him, I experienced the best Christmas Day I’ve ever had and my life changed instantaneously (even though I didn’t get round to opening any actual presents that day).

When Archie was 5 months old, and the wonderful but exhausting newborn fog had finally begun to lift, I decided to start a blog. Originally, it was to log Archie’s development and share photos with family, but it quite quickly became somewhere to share advice with other parents, to make them (and those that hadn’t become parents yet) giggle, brighten their day, and let them know that they weren’t alone; Google had become my best friend, and I also didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but that’s how we all start our journey as parents.


In the last 20 months, I’ve encountered multi-coloured poop, vomit with the force of a comet and the true fear of a poorly baby. I’ve also laughed, smiled and been happier than I have at any other point in my life and my pride for Archie continues to grow with every passing day.

So, what I’m actually here to say is that I’m really happy to announce that I’ll occasionally be writing for you all here at 9 months & forever; from reviewing products, to advice, to the hilarious truth about parenting that we all experience, so I hope you enjoy them and can relate to this crazy and wonderful world of parenthood that we’ve all entered into; what have we let ourselves in for?