Well Hi There!!

I’m Lauren. 30 years old. New mamma to 9 week old Ollie. Step mamma to 6 year old Archie. Devoted fiancée to Colin. Instagram addict. Foodie. Beauty junkie…..and now Blogging. I only recently started blogging over on Huntersandheels.com, something I have wanted to do for a loooooong time.

Life always seemed so busy with work and weekends filled with family, friends and travel. So, I thought, let’s make the most of my maternity leave and get the ball rolling with my little dream of having my own corner of the Internet. I won’t lie, it’s been a challenge fitting it in, these little ones sure do keep you busy! So now that we’re finding our rhythm here as a family of four, I’m ready to get back to my little corner of the Internet. I post about everything, pregnancy, food, travel, but mostly, MOTHERHOOD. After all, that’s the biggest thing in my world right now.

I have to say, before becoming a mum, I underestimated how this would change me. The moment I set eyes on this boy of mine, I became a new version of me, one with a heart beating outside my body. Suddenly, there is a purpose for everything. It’s an all-consuming, unconditional, powerful love, that possibly only a mother can understand. I think that’s what connects us mums. We support and build each other up. We guide and comfort one another because we all know how testing, worrying and truly amazing this motherhood gig really is.

For now, I’m a stay-at-home mum, but I’ll be venturing back into the workforce in a matter of months. As a mum, my ambition has always been to give my little one the best life I can, while still holding on to who I am as a women, a partner, daughter, friend and career girl.

When Pramworld approached me about guest blogging on ‘9months and forever’ I was thrilled. An opportunity to talk honestly about life as a mum, our challenges, milestones and the products that have made the journey easier. As well as, hopefully, connecting me with more wonderful mums out there.

I’m learning too. Every day is different. I promise to be honest. I won’t recommend any products I haven’t put to the test and don’t genuinely feel are fabulous.

I’m really looking forward to joining this community and sharing my thoughts with new, expecting and experienced mammas.

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