What is it that keeps Bugaboo at the top of the proverbial pram and pushchair tree? There’s no doubt they produce exceptional products and certainly they’re stylish. Bugaboo is also the choice of celebrities and the well-heeled and the rest of us aspire to own one – just like the newest gadget or the latest Mulberry.

There are other great brands out there too: Joolz, iCandy and Uppababy to mention a few – all functional, pleasing to the eye and with their own celebrity customers. Although they’re aspirational brands in their own right, they’re not quite Bugaboo.

The Diesel Denim edition of the Bugaboo Buffalo will retail for £1,089.00, while the Blend Edition of the Cameleon 3 is £999.00. Both are available from November 1st 2015.

One of the reasons Bugaboo continues to be iconic is the release of their special editions. Collaborations with well-known fashion labels, famed artists plus limited run fabrics keeps the brand fresh and modern. Some of the best remembered specials would be the Andy Warhol banana Cameleon, the Van Gogh-inspired Bee and the Missoni collection. The latest special editions to hit nursery stores are the Bugaboo Buffalo Diesel Denim 2.0 and the Cameleon 3 Blend Edition (pictured above).

Firstly, the Buffalo: this is the second Bugaboo pushchair developed in conjunction with Diesel, the Italian denim lifestyle brand. The first thing that strikes you about the Buffalo Diesel is just how ‘Denim’ it is. Seems an obvious thing to say but with the blue anodised frame, the beautiful black leather handle and the copper central joint there’s no getting away from the jeans theme.

Inspect a little closer and you’ll notice additional copper studs on the fabric, subtle fading around the high wear and small specks of paint splatter, a nod to future messy painting activities with your toddler. The quality of the detailing is as high as you’d expect from Bugaboo. Take a closer look here!

The stylish Diesel Denim edition (£1,089.00) of the Buffalo is the second pushchair Bugaboo and Diesel have collaborated on and is available from November 2015.

Next, the Cameleon 3 Blend Edition. This isn’t a collaboration with a fashion house or clothing brand but instead it’s a home-grown Bugaboo and wow, it really works! The frame and wheels, contrasting beautifully with the soft, brushed grey tweed outer fabric and complimenting blue Tencel® lining.

What works really well are the brown leatherette touch points on the handlebar and the carrycot handle – stunning! Overall the look of the Blend is more classic and more appealing to the UK customer. Take a closer look here!


So – which one should you buy? First of all, there’s the lifestyle question. Are you a city slicker or a country bumpkin or maybe a bit of both? Do you prefer the car or the tube? Small hatchback or Chelsea tractor? A stroll on the beach or a caffe mocha at Starbucks? (I love both).

Truth is you’ll prefer one over the other for no reason other than you just do. For sure the Buffalo is the more all-terrain stroller but the Cameleon makes a good fist of the rough stuff as well.

The Buffalo can carry up to 23kg in the seat, 10kg in the basket and 6kg on the handlebar hooks – that’s a lot of baby paraphernalia. The Cameleon doesn’t fare as well and is tested to only 17kg for the seat and 5kg in the basket.


The Buffalo has four large foam-filled wheels meaning it tackles off-road better than the Cameleon. To fold the Cameleon you have to remove the seat unit / carrycot but the chassis definitely smaller and lighter than the Buffalo.

The Buffalo can be folded with the seat unit in place but you need to be Dwayne Johnson to lift it! The Cameleon allows the handle to flip over in the blink of an eye so your bundle of joy can face the world or you in an instant and has a neat adjustable suspension as your baby grows.


Which of these luxurious new editions suits the needs and lifestyle of your family and appeals to your personal aesthetic? Are you the rugged, denim-loving, adventure-ready free spirit or a refined enthusiast about the finer things in life? Tell us which edition you’d love to own the most in the comments below, and take a closer look at both editions here on our website.

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