Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Well the other day myself and 4 colleagues went to an amazing event held by Besafe at the Chill Factore in Manchester to see the all new Izi Modular system and it is safe to say that we were well, blown away!

Now anybody that comes into our store or who has spoken to one of our car seat fitters on the telephone will know that we are in car safety crazy and it takes a lot to impress us.

So lets start with the Izi Go Modular. Firstly this seat passes the new i-size standards which reassures you just how safe the seat is (this is with and without the below mentioned SIP+ system added onto the seat.)

BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size

In comparison to the standard Izi Go, the seat has 3 additional side impact enhancements which are:

  • Extra cushioning in the head rest
  • Memory foam side walls instead of the old EPS polystyrene system
  • Unique SIP+ shock absorber system

The new Izi go also has a much larger sun canopy which is also a great improvement.


     Izi Go hood                                                                           Izi Go Modular hood

We all know how good the Izi go was without these new features so these improvements just go to show how serious Besafe are to ensure they are providing one of the safest and most advanced in car safety system on the market.

Team this with the isofix base to make the system fully i-size (as we all know that one of the requirements of i-size is isofix installation) and you have an incredibly advanced, easy to use and most importantly safest systems for your little one.

Of course the seat can still be installed using a 3 point seat belt making it compatible with a wider range of vehicles (just remember, as I said earlier I-size does require isofix installation.)

Now onto the Izi modular. There isn’t a previous Besafe car seat I can really compare it to as it such a new innovative product from the brand so I’m just going to tell you everything about it because it excited us all so much!

The first thing you will notice about the seat is the design. It is a completely new design from Besafe. It looks sleek, it looks modern, it looks SAFE!

BeSafe iZi Modular i-Size

The Modular is really padded and feels like it would be so comfortable and to add further onto that, Besafe also provide 2 extra cushions with the seat which you can remove as your little one grows.

The seat offers great side impact protection without the SIP+ system. Add the included SIP+ shock absorber to the seat though and this further reduces side impact by 20%!

This is the first Besafe ERF seat which I can confidently say has a really small footprint when installed in the car. Unbelievably the seat offers up to 17.5cm of leg room yet it 4cm smaller in the car than the Combi X4. The leg room is adjustable therefore the seat can be made smaller if required.

The recline on the Modular is the best that I have seen in any rear facing seat! We have attached a video below demonstrating the recline on the seat because it is phenomenal.

The height of the seat when the adjustable headrest is fully extended is brilliant as don’t forget, being I-size the seat must be able to accommodate a child of 105cm. The harness still has the magnets in it to keep the straps out of the way when putting little one into the seat. Finally you can also forward face the seat on the base (after 15 months minimum of course) making the seat fully versatile.

So all in all, the Izi Modular system is easy to install, very padded and therefore very comfortable for little ones, compact in the car yet spacious for your childs legs, I-size approved, sleek and modern looking and VERY VERY SAFE! The seats are available in 5 premium melange fabrics and our old favourite, black cab. The system is now available to order here!

To end our day Besafe very kindly took us on the slopes for a ski lesson. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end such a fabulous day.

Thank you Besafe for a wonderful day and well done on your amazing new product!