Car seats are one of the most important things a parent will buy; the health & safety of our children is paramount and we also want something that will last them as long as possible. We’ve purchased a few different car seats since Archie was born and recently we got the opportunity to review the 2way Pearl by Maxi-Cosi. Spoiler: it’s our favourite so far!

As much as I love splurging on wonderful baby products, I want to know that as well as being safe, my toddler will be comfortable during every car journey – as he is the sole user of the 2wayPearl, I thought I’d let him conduct this review and I shall simply translate his toddler jargon for you.


“Ooooh wow!”

Translation: My mosaic blue car seat looks awesome! I know Maxi-Cosi do other colours and designs too but I’m glad Mummy picked this one (though I may have helped by jabbing my finger at the screen when she was choosing). I sat with Mummy while Daddy fitted the 2wayFix base using something called isofix and I know it must’ve been easy peasy because he didn’t say any naughty words at all! Daddy also pointed out that there are 3 lights on the base that light up green once you’ve completed a step, which makes things really easy for him. Mummy said she also has peace of mind because she can press the button at any time and check the lights to make sure the seat is still fitted as it should be.


“Out, out quick!”

Translation: Once we’ve stopped at our destination, I really just want to get out as fast as I can and Mummy can be so slow. At least my car seat straps undo easily, so I don’t have to waste time throwing my fire engine at her head to get her to hurry it up. It also reclines if I’m facing backwards so that I can have a nice little snooze if I fancy it (which rarely happens; I don’t like to sleep when my time could be better spent pulling my socks off or trying to shove a dried pea up my left nostril).


“No funny face!”

Translation: Though I can face forward on my maximum cosiness (that must be what Maxi-Cosi stands for, right? I’m so snug!) car seat, Mummy tends to keep me facing backwards; she says that it’s really good and keeps me very safe when she’s driving and it seems to make her happy that we can do it up until I’m 4 years old (or if I get tall enough to reach 104cm first). I don’t mind, it means that I don’t have to constantly look in the mirror at Mummy and Daddy pulling funny faces at me! Daddy also has a competition to see how fast he can switch my seat from forward to rearward facing (but not with me in it, though that sounds fun!) and Mummy said she made something called an animated GIF to show you. I was interested at first, because I thought she said gift, how rubbish. Daddy says his record so far is 6 seconds, which is almost as fast as I can squeeze out a poop when I’m put in a fresh nappy!

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“Yeah yeah!”

Translation: I heard Daddy saying that he loves my car seat because it has this cool way of adjusting the straps for when I get a bit bigger. All they have to do is move the headrest up and down which is connected to the straps so they can make sure it fits me nice and snug. All I know is it must make Daddy quite happy because he always ends up fighting my other car seat when he has to take the straps out and move them around – I also think I’m probably much safer in something that Daddy really doesn’t have to fiddle with very much, phew!



Translation: I’m very happy I now get to use the 2wayPearl and thanks for making such a nice comfy car seat for me to sit in! Mummy says she can’t think of anything bad to say about it, and Daddy hasn’t complained at all, which is a first. But don’t tell him I said that!