Pioneers of in car safety; BeSafe have recently launched the newest addition to their range, the BeSafe iZi Go Modular, and we absolutely love it! We could go on forever but here are 5 reasons to buy this fabulous car seat.

1. i-Size

The BeSafe iZi Go modular passes the new i-size standards which means this seat has definitely been put through its paces. i-Size car seats provide better head and neck protection, making sure your little on is as safe as they can be!


2. SIP+

As mentioned earlier i-Size seats provide better head and neck protection, which is due to superior side impact protection. Aswell as being i-Size this seat also comes with super protection in the form of SIP+ which is a unique shock absorber attached on to the side of the car seat.


3. The Hood

A fabulous improvement from the original iZi Go, the iZi Go Modular also comes with a larger hood, protecting you little one from all of the elements, especially colder weather!

modular besafe

4. The ‘modular’ aspect

Once your little one has grown out of the iZi Go the isofix base can then be used for the second stage iZi Modular seat, meaning your base will last approx 4 years instead of the usual 1 making this great value for money.

besafe modular 1

5. Design

Possibly not the most important point when deciding on a car seat but the iZi Go modular really is stunning. The addition of the mélange fabrics to the range really makes this car seat a lovely addition to your baby buys.