Research has shown that 70% of children manage to wriggle out of their car seat harness putting themselves at risk of injury and distracting the driver from the road. The team at Cosatto has come up with a solution for this making you free to concentrate on driving without have to stop any escape attempts from your toddler!

What is the Cosatto 5 Point Plus Anti Escape System?

Cosatto have incorporated the 5 point plus blueprint into the Anti Escape System offering ultimate security for your little one in their car seat. As an addition to the usual 5 point harness, the 5 point plus system is attached on to the harness making the space that your little one would usually slip their arms through is considerably smaller making less room to wriggle!

This makes it virtually impossible for children to escape the harness and in tests 9 out of 10 children could not get their arms out, incorporated into all the Group 1 car seats for 2016, Cosatto are working to make you, your child and the roads safer.

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