As a Mummy of two you would think that I knew everything about buggies! While I do know a lot, I’ve learned it the hard way, the thing is, there’s too much choice out there and this really makes the whole process of choosing the right one a lot more difficult than you would ever imagine.

When we were expecting our first baby, I remember scrolling through the various websites and reviews for hours in search of the perfect buggy for our little man. At the time I didn’t really care about the practicability of the buggy but more about the ‘posh’ design. So while I did a lot of research I still made the wrong choice at the time, which I regret because it’s a lot of money to just throw away after hunting for something for quite some time.


Now that I’m a Mummy of two with a little boy named Riccardo and an 8 month old baby girl named Veronica I knew exactly what I was looking for this time. I still wanted a beautiful design but there were a few key points that I didn’t want to miss this time, it needed to be lightweight, comfortable, easy to fold, easy to store and a have shopping basket. I found this and more in the stylish new limited edition McLaren Quest Orla Kiely Pushchair, a brilliant collaboration between two iconic British brands featuring some bold, bright, super fun prints!


Featuring authentic Orla Kiely materials, this stroller has a printed hood, seat exterior, colour accents and a co-ordinating raincover and storage pouch! The storage pouch is brilliant for keys, phones, wallets and more! The seat comes with 4 different reclining positions to suit your baby’s needs (it’s suitable from birth ) and an adjustable leg rest to keep the baby comfortable.


Another good feature that I love about this stroller is the front snap. To open it you need to push from the front and the back, this makes it hard for a child to break free especially for those very active toddlers like my son. The hood is UPF 50, by unzipping the extender it keeps the child fully protected from the sun.

What I’m mostly happy about is how little space it takes up and how easy it is to fold. We live in London, and as most Londoners know storage space can be an issue if you have a large buggy. Thankfully the Quest folds easily with one simple move and I can do that while holding my baby in one arm. It also has a little handle that you can pick it up and just place it where you need, in a car trunk or take it on plane with you by wearing it on your shoulder with the help of the carry strap.

For more information check out the Maclaren Quest Orla Kiely over at Winstanleys Pramworld.