As new parents, it’s very much a case of being thrown in at the deep end. Not only with our little bundles of joy, but with everything else that’s suddenly required. A great example of the latter is car seats where we’re suddenly expected to understand how they work, what that strap does, what that button does, how to loosen this, how to tighten that, how to make it secure and so on. You’re suddenly facing all these complexities and having to deal with them with no prior experience.

And having used a few different ones in Hugo’s first year, it’s safe to say that my husband and I hated car seats! Until now.

nuna rebl

For the last four months now we’ve been using the Nuna Rebl car seat and it’s safe to say it has been THE most perfect choice for Hugo – and for us. I wish we had this from ‘day one’ as it also comes with inserts that keep a newborn safe, secure and comfortable – we’ll just have to save those for our second child (when the time comes ☺). Hugo has always been quite big for his age so he quickly outgrew his first car seat; if we’d had this one from the start it would have been great as its flexibility effectively allows it to grown and adapt with your child.


Here are some specific points that I have particularly loved about the Nuna Rebl car seat:

  1. With one hand you can swivel the chair to face you as you open the door, making it far easier to strap your child in or lift them out without having to awkwardly manoeuvre them at a difficult angle.
  2. It’s really straight-forward strapping them in using their five point safety harness seat belt. This also makes it super easy to ensure the seat belt harness is fitted correctly and everything is as it should be.
  3. Having the choice of rear or front facing until the age of four, as it says on their website, is so refreshing as at least it gives you the option. Hugo seems to enjoy facing forward more so he can see us and interact with us but for long journeys we like to opt for the rear facing view as statistics show that this is the safer method.
  4. The harness is easy to adjust with one press of a button, I found with the last car seat we used, both my husband and I really struggled to slacken the seat belt so it’s been refreshing that this has been far easier to use to ensure it’s not too tight or too loose.
  5. It has various recline options which are great for Hugo’s comfort and travel. This is also essential if you were using this car seat from birth to four years as it comes with seven different recline settings, meaning we can position it at the perfect angle to suit his needs.
  6. Purely aesthetic, not technical, but I love the style and design of the Nuna Rebl; it looks sleek and smooth which is an added bonus.
  7. The chair rotates 360 degrees, this means it doesn’t matter which side of the car you put it in. This actually didn’t register until I researched into it as some car seats only rotate 180 degrees which means you have no choice on which side of the car you have to put the seat.
  8. It comes with its own integrated ISOFIX making it extra sturdy and easy to fit or change into another car. My husband does handle this element slightly better than me but I can still do it, I just have to use my muscles a bit more than I’m used to!


Although initially the price of this car seat may seem a lot to spend on one item in my opinion it is totally worth it and you definitely get your money’s worth as your child can stay in it from birth to four years old.

The Nuna Rebl has been designed to such a high spec it far exceeds all the requirements any car seat needs to meet by law. It has all specifications and details on this here.

For us as parents it ticks all our boxes and it’s great to see how much Hugo enjoys the ride too whether he’s awake or fast asleep.