Your car seat is probably the most important purchase when you have a child so it’s no wonder there are more and more choices coming to the market every single day. Choosing a car seat is not a decision that should be taken lightly, there are so many things to think about and it’s important you choose the right seat for you.

Maxi Cosi Axissfix lifestyle

Today were going to look at the Maxi Cosi Axissfix, a 360 degree rotating seat that is not only ISOFIX but also complies with the latest i-size legislation – keeping your baby rearward facing for longer. Now I am not a car seat expert by any stretch of the imagination but thankfully our fabulous team was on hand to show me the ins and outs of the Axissfix, so let’s get started!

When can this car seat be used from?

The Axissfix can be used from approximately 4 months as a rearward facing seat, this will offer enhanced back and neck protection to your little one up until 2 years old. Once they reach 2 they can be turned to forward face in one simple step and they can stay in the Axissfix until they are approx. 4 years old.

How easy is the Axissfix to install?

The Axissfix is really easy to fit and is installed using the ISOFIX points located in your seat. The car seat comes with guides in case your ISOFIX is not very accessible and the top tether is easily connected with a green indicator to show you correct installation.

How easy is it to use this seat?

The seat has a 5 point safety harness which simply clicks together and the head rest is easily adjustable with one button which is great if you are in a rush. One of the unique features of the Axissfix is the 360 degree swivel which allows you to turn the seat when getting your toddler in and out. This is especially good if you have a bad back or if you just like ease of use and because this is a 360 degree turn, it means the seat can be installed on either side of the car – genius!

Maxi Cosi Axissfix 2

This car seat currently retails at £375.00 which is similar to comparable car seats for this age group. As mentioned earlier, car seats are some of the most important purchases for your children and when you consider this will keep your little one safe for four years, the seat is a real investment.

Overall this is a great car seat; long lasting, safe and easy to use and I would definitely give the Axissfix our seal of approval!