Getting your baby in to a good routine can make all the difference when it comes to relaxing and winding down ready for bed. From 6 weeks onwards, baby massage is a great way to get your little one really chilled out and drifting off to sleep in no time, whilst also aiding digestion, weight gain and circulation.

There are lots of products available on the market for babies and some of our favourites are from Potionshop – a range of products completely free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients, all perfect for your newborns bedtime routine.


When massaging your baby it is really important that their skin is protected with only the best natural ingredients and the most suitable oil recommended by professionals is organic sunflower oil. Potionshop also recommend organic olive oil and this can be mixed with the sunflower oil for added benefits when the baby’s skin or scalp is dry. To get you started they make a set of three baby massage oils including calendula, sunflower and olive oils to massage baby’s delicate skin, the kit also includes a pure cotton muslin cloth to lay baby on and instructions from award winning aromatherapist Beverley Higham all about baby massage.

A small patch test is always recommended before application, this involves applying a tiny drop on the inside of the elbow 24 hours before application and checking for redness or irritation. If the skin remains clear then the oil is fine to be used for massage. Potionshop has also found that babies benefit from calming organic calendula when their skin has been irritated or sensitive and can also assist when severe nappy rash is causing discomfort.

When getting started with massage you can attend professional classes or there is lots of information online, but here are some basics to get you started…

Ensure that the room is warm and comfortable for your little one, and could use a small heater to warm the room – this will save you from heating up the whole house. Dimming the lights can make the room more calming aswell as a comfortable area to massage.

potionshop baby massage

Start with laying your baby on their back; this will help you to gain eye contact whilst you start with gently massaging their feet and then their legs, slide your hands gently up towards the thigh and glide back down to their feet. Repeat this a few times to start relaxing your little one.

Smooth oil onto their upper body and gently circle the abdomen in a clockwise direction, if your baby is still content carry on to stroke your hands across the chest and around the shoulders. Slide down their arms, avoiding the hands, and back up to their shoulders twisting your hands loosely as your slide back down to the hands once more.

Finish with hand massage but be sure to wipe the hands before you turn baby over so that he doesn’t rub oil into the eyes.

If they are still happy roll your little one over on to their front and for younger babies cradle them in your lap. Smooth oil on to their back and perform circular movements as if drawing flower petals on each side of the spine.

Your baby should be super relaxed by now and once finished wrap your them in a warm towel. Be sure to keep them hydrated then dress warmly after about 10 minutes. It is important to keep this routine regular and repeat every night after bath time not only is it great bonding time for you but it should also ensure your tiny baby is asleep in no time!

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