Prams really go through the mill in their time of use, not only do they keep your little one comfortable for many years but they’re pushed and pulled over rough terrains, and might even carry two children at some point so surely we should make sure they stay in the best condition possible?

Just like a car our prams and buggies need a little TLC every now and then – lets think of it like a mini M.O.T! Here are just a few tips to make sure your stroller says in great shape…

Cleaning your pram

This may seem simple but regularly cleaning your pram is super important to making sure that the mechanisms stay working as they should. For instance if you have been walking on the beach or where there is loose gravel, you should take the wheels off the stroller (most are quick release) and clean the wheel housings to make sure nothing is stuck in there. You should also ensure everything is dried off properly afterwards to make sure that no rust forms.


After cleaning your pram we would always suggest to put a silicone-based lubricant on moving parts and wheels, this will ensure all parts continue to move freely and work as they should.

Tyre Pressure

If your pram has air tyres, tyre pressure is something you need to be aware of especially on warmer days. Just like on your car, heat will cause the air inside the tyres to expand and potentially cause the tyre to burst. This can easily be avoided by reducing the tyre pressure in the wheels during the hot summer months.

Fabrics and Rain covers

Many fabrics are machine washable and can be detached from the pram quite easily however you should always check the manufacturers guidelines before they are washed. It is also worth noting that after using your rain cover you should try and open the cover our to air dry, this will stop any mildew and mold forming.