This year saw the launch of the 2016 iCandy Peach, a stroller we have known and loved since the first generation launched back in 2009. Innovative and outstandingly beautiful, this stroller will transport one or two children with the footprint of a single pram, but still offers the flexibility, style and ease that we would expect but with just a few tweaks. This makes the 2016 iCandy Peach even more special.

The Peach was the chosen stroller for many A-list celebrities including the Beckham’s and Sir Richard Branson, so what is it that makes the iCandy Peach one of the most loved strollers in the UK?

First of all lets talk about the design – available in nine stunning colours the Peach really is a head turner whether this its in Black Magic, Olive or Bubblegum you are sure to find a colour that is perfect for you. The addition of a leatherette handle and bumper bar makes the Peach feel even more luxurious than before, plus some colours are now available with a space grey chassis – a modern twist on the usual black and chrome.

iCandy Peach 2016 colours

Your newborn baby will be safe and secure in the Peach’s carrycot, which ensures they can lay completely flat right from day one. The hood will protect them from all weather conditions and the ventilation of means it is suitable for overnight sleeping – a feature that most carrycots do not have.

Once your baby has outgrown the carrycot, they will then move into the seat unit, which has a super high weight limit of 25kg. The seat can be put on to the chassis parent facing or world facing and the included elevators will bring your child closer allowing for better interaction and bonding. The buckle on this Peach has been updated for 2016 and is now a ‘one touch system’ making getting your little one in and out much easier.

iCandy Peach 2016 Royal

The stroller itself is easy to push and maneuverability really is second to none, the option to have the front wheels on ‘swivel’ mode is great, plus they can also be fixed for pushing on rougher terrains.

Making life as easy as possible – the iCandy Peach still has the iconic one handed fold and can be put into your boot in a matter of seconds. It’s worth noting that the seat unit or carrycot needs to be removed when taking the pram down but this is a standard on all travel systems. Additionally the wheels can be easily removed if you need a little extra room for storage and there is a locking catch to keep the chassis secure when traveling.

icandy 2016 honeycomb peach

Finally the Peach can be converted from single to double mode with the addition of just a few pieces. This is great for if you have a toddler and a newborn or it can even be bought as a double from the start! Not only does this mean you don’t have to buy a whole new double stroller but it means traveling with two can be just as compact as one and this must be great in anyone’s books!