If one thing is for sure – kids come with a lot of ‘stuff’, from your toddler insisting on carting round their army of stuffed animals to your changing bag feeling like you’re carrying everything but the kitchen sink – the mama gig is not a light one!

Although your muscles may be benefiting from the workout that is motherhood, lightweight strollers are an absolute godsend, and whether its for going on holiday, or just lighter for getting out of the car, we think we have found the perfect one for you.

This May sees the launch of the brand new, all singing and dancing Silver Cross Zest and we are VERY excited. Packed full of features and made to the highest quality, this truly is a wonderful product, and not to mention it is absolutely beautiful so lets talk about why the Zest is one to watch…


hood design silver cross zest

The Zest is available in four eye-catching colours; Aqua, Black, Chilli and Sand and the hood lining features a beautiful animal print pattern – birds, whales, starfish and elephants!!

The Seat

silver cross zest The Seat

The seat of the Zest is the widest in its class and is able to fully recline meaning if you’re jet setting early with your little one, this stroller is fully suitable from birth.

The Harness

zest silver cross harness

With any baby products ultimately we want our children to be super safe, featuring a 5-point harness – the Zest will keep them safe and more importantly give you peace of mind.

Shopping Basket

silver cross zest basket shopping

The large basket will hold all of your baby essentials and folds away with the stroller. The mesh material also makes it easy to see everything in the basket allowing quick and easy access.

Carry Handle

silver cross zest

At 5.8kg not only is the Zest extremely light but it also features a handy strap so that you can easily carry it when necessary.