Monday was a day that we had all been dreading for a few months now; it was the day that our beloved colleague but most importantly our friend Wynn retired. If you have ever been in to store or even spoken to her on the phone you will know that she is one of the most helpful and kind people you could have the pleasure of dealing with!

For 14 years now Wynn has been part of the Pramworld team which in 2001 was primarily a toy shop with just 2 members of staff and the owners David and Kevin!! Fast forward to 2016 and a team of 62, Wynn has been a mother, grandmother and friend to us all. So with 68 years of wisdom, 2 children and 4 grandchildren I thought Wynn could impart some final bits of wisdom on us all and tell us a little bit about her time at Pramworld.

What is the biggest different between your first day at Pramworld and your last?

My first day working here I was absolutely petrified; I never thought I would learn everything, especially the till, and after my first two weeks I decided I was going to leave. Margaret (Kevin’s wife) came and spoke to me and said that she would really like me to stay. She said that everything would come with time – and it did, I decided to stay and 14 years later I’m still here!

My last day at Pramworld is a very sad day.

What will you miss most about working at Pramworld?

Everybody and everything! I will miss all of the staff, David and Kevin, everyone is amazing. I will also miss serving the customers, even the ones who have been really angry! I have loved every minute of being here.

I can speak for every single member of staff here and say that Wynn will be missed massively, we’re sure she will not be a stranger and will have John (her husband) bringing her to see us! We wish you all the luck in the world and hope you have a wonderful retirement!!

Love all of the Pramworld Team x