There is definitely a place for that enormous boot-hogging travel system you invest in when you’re expecting. I really loved ours, and of course, a safe and sturdy home for your newborn is essential. Though I have to admit, I was surprised at how quickly it became redundant.

By the time Ollie was 7 months old, we needed something lighter, smaller and easier to pop up. The travel system took up so much space in the house/car, it just wasn’t practical taking it everywhere with us. We needed something lightweight and easy.

So many I’d see around, while lightweight and easy, just looked flimsy and unsafe. They were too much a contrast from the lovely cosy sturdy travel system. A friend at Pramworld recommended we try out a Maclaren. I remembered instantly all those holiday photographs from when I was growing up, always sat happily in the Maclaren Buggy.

It’s a timeless classic, and no doubt a brand that knows what it’s doing. After browsing the shop and the vast selection of Maclaren buggys, I stumbled upon the BMW. In short, it appears Maclaren and BMW have upgraded all the classic features of their famous buggy for a more high-tech, stylish version and branded with the much desired ‘BMW’ logo.

Instantly Colin loved it, and with Father’s Day around the corner, I thought let’s let him choose the one he likes the best. But after a few weeks of use, I’m completely sold too! So what do we love about it….

It’s super lightweight and can be folded in a matter of seconds.  It’s narrow and sleek, sitting neatly next to the table in restaurants, squeezing into corners on trains.  It’s sturdy and strong. My worry about a folding buggy was that it would feel light and flimsy but this one doesn’t at all. You feel the suspension kick in as you glide over cobbled streets.

The seat reclines in several positions and locks into place easily.  The large hood really protects Ollie from the wind and sun, and I love the mesh panels so you can peer in and see him while pushing him along. There are easy to use zip ventilation panels too which have been brilliant on a hot day.  Superb quality materials throughout.

Genuinely, the wipe clean seats are padded and soft. Everything is really well finished and Maclaren have looked into ever little detail from the subtle branding to the reflective accents for added safety at night.  We love the big BMW buckle, it’s the only bit of branding that really stands out as everything else is so subtle.

Plenty of space in the shopping basket underneath and the rain cover that comes with the buggy is the most gorgeous quality…it actually puts our travel system rain cover to shame!!  We went for the addition of addition of the matching Maclaren BMW foot muff. Again, brilliant and well worth the additional £99 when you live in freezing cold Blighty!

Not only does the foot muff look gorgeous and attach seamlessly to the buggy, but the expandable bottom panel allows easy expansion. It’s super cosy, fleece lined and padded for extra warmth. My favourite thing about the foot muff though is the easy to access zip down the centre front.

If you’re in and out of shops you can easily unzip and do it up again when you’re outside. FAR easier than taking a jacket on and off.  Colin and I have been sat here thinking if there’s anything we would change about it, for the purpose of this review, but honestly… we wouldn’t change a thing! Well done Maclaren and BMW! We look forward to many more years use of our lovely stylish and lightweight buggy!

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