Your baby is all set, you have your pram and furniture but what about the car seat? An item that is very often bought second to the pushchair but is probably the most important thing you will buy for your little newborn baby. The world of car seats can be the same if not a bigger minefield than buying a pram however there are a few brands out there that can whole heartedly be trusted with your bundle of joy.

One of our favourite car seat brands is of course Maxi Cosi, a company who has been manufacturing award winning car seats for many years all the way from birth to the age of 12. From birth they offer three car seats; the Cabriofix, Pebble and Pebble Plus and today we want to talk about the difference between the Pebble and Pebble Plus as we know it can get confusing!

The main difference between these two car seats is i-size, which again is a confusing topic for new parents so let me explain; i-size is a European car seat safety regulation which was developed using the latest research into children’s safety, but why is it safer?

maxi cosi pebble pebble plus black raven

Firstly i-size car seats are only considered i-size when used on an ISOFIX base and by using it in this way, there is less room for human error which can occur when fitting the car seat with a seat belt.

Children are also required to travel rearward facing up until 15 months old and the new regulation takes into consideration their height rather than weight, much like when buying clothes.

i-Size car seats also offer improved protection from a side impact for the head and the neck. When the Pebble Plus is used in conjunction with the 2wayfix base, this car seat is i-size.

The other difference between these two seats is the newborn inlay, although the standard Pebble features a head hugger, the Pebble Plus has a full newborn inlay offering a better lying position for a newborn as well as impact absorbing material on the sides to offer better side impact protection.

pebble plus

I hope this explanation has made your decision of which car seat to buy slightly easier and hopefully made the differences clear between these two brilliant seats. No matter which one you choose you can rest assured that your little bundle of joy will be super safe on every single journey.

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