Bloom is a company founded by four dads who wanted to bring design and innovation to the world of baby products. The felt that traditional products had been functional but were not in keeping with the style of modern parents so set out to change this.

One of their most iconic products is the Bloom Fresco highchair, which is absolutely a highchair like no other. Used by the likes of Victoria Beckham and Kourtney Kardashian the Fresco is not cheap and with a price tag between £400 and £600 this is a pretty special highchair.


Here at Pramworld we have been selling the Fresco for around 10 years and the design has always remained the same – because it works! The chair has been perfected over the years and 2016 has seen the launch of some of the most beautiful colours yet!

The Fresco comes with everything you need from 6 months to 8 years old so although the initial amount may seem a lot, there are no add-ons at a later date! The only accessory you may need is if you choose to use the Fresco from birth, this is a newborn insert which is essentially a wedge, making the chair in to a lay flat position for the baby.

bloom fresco highchairs

The frame of the chair is available in six different colours; black, white, mercury, silver, gold and rose gold and the seat pads come 14 different colours to match your interiors, they can be purchased separately in case you have a change of colour scheme too!

The Fresco can be swiveled 360 degrees and also has a hydraulic cylinder allowing you to move the height of the chair up and down in the simplest way. This is done with two buttons on either side of the chair, super easy and quick too! The base has concealed scratch free wheels for easy movement as the chair itself is quite heavy and would be difficult to move by lifting.

bloom fresco highchairs 1

When using the Fresco from birth, the tray is completely removed, the three position recline on the back of the seat allows you to lay the chair flat, the newborn snug is available in three colours and is beautifully soft. You will fasten the baby in with the harness to keep them secure and the high position of the Fresco is perfect for bringing your little one up to the table for family meal times.

At around 6 months you should change the chair over to include the starter kit; within the kit you will receive a plastic wedge and two seat pads. To start with set the chair up with the wedge and the smaller of the two seat pads, this will be great for your little one until they are big enough to sit in the full sized seat. The larger seat pad is for when you remove the plastic wedge. The tray can be attached and removed really easily and is also completely dishwasher safe.

bloom pink

Once you have stopped using the Fresco as a highchair, it is still suitable to be used as a chair up until your child is around 8 years old and there is always the option to use the chair for your second child!

Be sure to check out the Bloom Fresco, a truly unique highchair worth every penny!