For years and years we have loved ride on suitcases and pretty much everyone has seen one in an airport somewhere around the world. What is there not to love? They are a little travel buddy for your child, will carry all of their essentials and you can even pull them through the airport, so let me introduce you to ride on suitcase 2.0 – the JetKids BedBox!

This is unlike anything I have seen before and a truly innovative design that is completely new to the market. Christina and Halvor Holmgren – the inventors and founders of JetKids have extensive experience in the aviation industry and clearly saw a gap for this fabulous product. So let’s get into the details…

The BedBox is the ultimate travel companion for both parent and child right from birth. Riding through the airport for the toddler is great, but what about once you get on to the plane? As well as being the ride on case we know and love, BedBox transforms into an inflight bed in a few simple steps.

To convert the BedBox into a bed for your little one, the Box itself is used to extend the plane seat and the included mattress folds out to create a comfortable bed. The bed can be used in the cruise portion of the flight on almost every airplane seat and not only will it keep your little one comfortable but it gives mum and dad a rest too!

Check out the video below to see the BedBox in use and be sure to grab one for your summer holiday this year!