Ready from the first ride home to the first day of school the Joie i-Anchor Advance is the updated version of the i-Anchor and meets the latest in all i-size requirements. With test dummy technology and side impact certification this car seat is a great option for your little one.

Joie make some excellent extended rearward facing seats including the Stages, Every Stage and Spin 360 however the i-Anchor is the only one which meets all i-size standards making it their safest and most advanced model.

ianchor 2The fitting of the i-Anchor is extremely easy however please note that it is only compatible with Isofix fittings, this seat cannot be belted in. Be sure to check the fitting manual to ensure this model is compatible with your car before purchasing too!

To install the i-Anchor you simply extend the isofix points and clip them to the anchor points in your car, correct installation will be indicated with a red button that turns to green once clipped in. The leg rest needs to be extended down to the floor and this can be done by pressing buttons on the leg itself.

ianchor topAs an ERF car seat the i-Anchor Advance can rearward face up until your child is 105cm (this is around 4 years old) and there is a 7 position recline which is perfect for a newborn. The Grow Together 5 point harness will adjust with your little one as they grow meaning no need for re threading which we all know can be a nightmare!

If for any reason you want to turn your child forward facing when they are a little older this is a possibility and can be easily done by clicking the seat off of the base and simply turning it round.

i-Anchor® AdvanceAll of the covers are quick release and washable and the i-Anchor comes in three beautiful colours. This year car seat manufacturers have really upped their game when it comes to colours and fabrics (Joie and BeSafe I am looking at you!) which is great because it makes a super practical product that little bit more attractive!

This fabulous car seat usually retails for £300 but until the end of August we are offering it for just £175! Be sure to check out this great product, not only is it an absolute steal but you know your little one will be super safe for many years to come! Shop here!

i-Anchor® Advance 2