Shopping for products when you are pregnant can be quite a minefield and although you’re making that transition into parenthood, you also are looking for products that suit your style and taste. One company that epitomises this for me is Nuna; great practical products but with the most beautiful designs that just fit right into your home.

nuna leaf colours

One of my particular favourites from the range is the Nuna Leaf, a product that’s innovative design is as impressive as its look! Inspired by a floating leaf, this rocker sways from side to side to soothe and relax your little one for around 2 minutes after a gentle push.nuna leaf sideSomething that is particularly impressive about the Leaf is that it is suitable to take a weight up to 60kg so this rocker, unlike most, isn’t completely redundant after the first few months. The Oeko-Tex fabrics are skin friendly and the organic cotton insert will keep your child comfortable and snug.


For many years we have seen rockers and bouncers that are electronically controlled and the leaf is no different, this year saw the release of the Leaf Wind, a device available separately that can be easily attached allowing continuous swaying of the rocker with 6 different speed settings.

Currently available in three beautiful colours be sure to check out this fabulous rocker and tell us your thoughts!