The one who created an icon

As chief designer and co-founder of Bugaboo, there is no doubt Max Barenbrug created an icon that we still love today. From the original classic; the Frog all the way through to the Cameleon, Bugaboo decided to name their products after different animals that epitomise all of their unique and innovative features.

With every product designed Bugaboo looks to make life a little bit easier, in the video below Max even refers to exciting plans to make products that make mobility easier not just for parents and children but also outside of the nursery industry too!

bugaboo video

The one that’s worth every penny

Although at first glance a Bugaboo stroller can seem expensive, one of the main factors Bugaboo customers report is ‘value for money’ and with this stroller I can 100% confirm you get everything and more that you pay for! The quality of the Bugaboo stroller is excellent from the materials to the exhaustive product testing a Bugaboo stroller is a true investment. Once you have finished using it, they hold retail value really well so you can sell it for another family to use for their little one!


The one that’s always in style

Ever since I joined the world of nursery Bugaboo has always led the way when it comes to stylish strollers. From collaborations with Missoni to Marc Jacobs and more recently Diesel, Bugaboo were the first company to take the stroller to the catwalk and create something that had never been seen before with their first collaboration from designer Bas Kostas.

Bas Costas

The one that became an icon

In 1999 Bugaboo introduced their first stroller as they set out to create the perfect all in one; this stroller was the blueprint for the Cameleon3 which is undoubtedly one of the most iconic strollers to date. On sale in 51 different countries the Cameleon remains Bugaboo’s best selling stroller even after 15 years and over one million children worldwide have had the pleasure of riding in a Bugaboo Cameleon!!

The one that became an icon

The one that’s inspired by nature

Even though the Cameleon3 is the original, every year we have seen limited editions that show the endless creativity of the Bugaboo team. The newest edition to be added to the portfolio is the Cameleon3 Elements, a product inspired by nature and the world we live in. The gradient effect on this design is truly eye catching and made softer by the light grey upper fabrics. This design and all limited editions are for those who really want to stand out in the crowd which you are sure to do with this beautiful stroller.

inspired by nature