Over the last few years we have seen some real advancements in rearward facing car seats and with the increase in popularity, we have seen some brilliant features from lots of different suppliers.

A few years ago we saw the introduction of the Dualfix from Britax and with that came one of the first ERF car seats with the ability to swivel 360 degrees allowing you to turn the baby to a 90 degree angle and get them in and out of the car easily – genius.


Getting the Dualfix out of the box can be quite a task at a hefty 14.7kg this car seat is definitely sturdy and made to last but not at all lightweight. Once in the car installation is quite simple as it can only be installed with the use of ISOFIX which simply attaches to the points in your car, once attached push the Dualfix as close to into the car seat as possible. The leg extension is adjusted to the floor quite easily by pushing a button on the side, once in the correct place the indicator will show.


Once safely fitted in the car you will need to make sure the angle of the seat is right for the age of your child. On the side of the Dualfix there are indicators which will help with this and the recline is a really fluid movement which is great is baby is sleeping too.

The seat has a five point harness and head rest which will grown with your child by simply pulling the grey tab at the top to move the headrest higher. Always make sure that the shoulder straps aren’t too high and they start just above the shoulders. After strapping your little one in the harness can be tightened by pulling the grey strap at the bottom of the seat, securing a perfect fit.


From birth to 9kg the Dualfix must be rearward facing and can in fact keep your child rearward until 18kg which is statistically proven to be 5 times safer. The rotation is done by pressing a button underneath the seat and then you can spin the seat 90 degrees either way dependent on which side of the car your Dualfix is on. This makes getting baby in and out so much easier especially if you suffer from a bad back.

The Dualfix is available in 5 colours and all of the fabrics can be removed for washing as we all know how messy toddlers can be!! This award winning car seat is currently on offer including a free of charge accessory pack so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a great ERF seat!