Every year when September rolls around we get set to travel to Cologne, the home of Kind + Jugend, Europe’s largest nursery trade fair. For 4 hectic days we go from hall to hall looking at the weird and wonderful offerings from suppliers all over the world including some of our absolute favourite brands. If there is every a place to fall in love with pushchairs Cologne is it and combined with the beautiful city surroundings, it is by far one of my favourite times of the year.

This year I have decided to take you with us and give you a sneaky peak into what you can expect to see in stores for 2017, I hope you’re as excited as we are!



Of course the product that we all want to know about is the Next2Me, a fabulous bedside crib that we all love and here we have seen the next advancement for this great product. The Next2Me dream will be available from January 2017 and has all of the basics of the current product with a few extras including a rocking base, adjustable side and some lovely new colours.



We have spoken at great length about the baby-safe i-Size over on the blog and here we have seen the finished product for the first time. The car seat fully complies with the newest i-Size standard and the most impressive thing for me was the flex base; a truly unique system that works so easily – be sure to check this out!

We can also expect to see an i-Size Dualfix in 2017 as well as some more i-Size products in late 2017, watch this space!



Not a great deal of newness from BeSafe however one product I absolutely love is the iziModular and January 2017 will see a new colour for both car seats in the system. Sea Green is a beautiful pastel shade and unlike any other colour currently available on the car seat market.

Mamas & Papas


We have already spoken about Mamas & Papas after the event day which you can read about here however I just want to touch upon the Ocarro once again. This is definitely one of the most exciting launches for 2016 and we should see it available from November 2016 .