Kind + Jugend Day 1 is over and day 2 is about to start so let’s get into it…


Quinny Kind + Jugend

The stand out product at Quinny has got to be the latest collaboration with Rachel Zoe. The collection sees a Quinny Moodd and pebble plus on a white frame with beautiful gold hardware and a tan leather handle. This will be available as a package from January 2017.


Joolz Kind + Jugend

This October will see the release of the Joolz Day 2; the best day ever! The new Day is probably one of the best things we have seen here so far and the improvements are really great, they include things like an easier fold, extra carrycot ventilation and some new colours.


Nuna Kind + Jugend

The first thing to talk about from Nuna is the suited collection which is inspired by men’s tailoring and the fabrics really are beautiful. The Nuna mixx will come to the UK next year which has been a huge success in the US – as part of the suited collection the rose gold chassis looks great too. We also saw the Aace a group 2-3 car seat which is a perfect addition to Nuna’s car seat range following the huge success of the Rebl.

Nuna Kind + Jugend

Silver Cross

Silver Cross Kind + Jugend

This year Silver Cross will launch the Wave, a single to double stroller and after seeing the finished product I can 100% confirm it is AMAZING. This is Silver Cross’ first venture into the double stroller market and is priced at £950 as a single stroller with the option for a second seat at £250 and a second carrycot at £275. The attention to detail is second to none even down to the accessories. This will be in store for 2016 so be sure to check it out.