Finally we have made it to Day 3 and i am exhausted but have had the most fabulous time!! Be sure to let us know what you thoughts are on everything we have seen!!



Bababing are 100% one of my favourite brands, the products are second to none especially the bags and bouncers. New for this year we have seen the float bouncers and new colours of the LoBo in a gorgeous grey. These are available to order now over on our website!


img_0093 img_0092

Next up some more bags from Storksak but this time I wanted to show you a new range from them called Zip and Zoe, a range for your little ones! It’s really different from anything I have seen before and the designs really stand out. There are two sizes of back pack, a lunch bag and a matching bottle holder all with a little Zip and Zoe story book.



2017 will be the launch of some new colours for the BabyZen YoYo in green and a pink colour. There will also be a new newborn solution which looks a lot better and is much easier than what we have seen previously from BabyZen.



The Egg stroller will feature a new fold going forward which makes transporting the stroller a lot easier and more manageable. We will also see a newborn insert from Egg for parents who don’t necessarily want a carrycot, this is really plush and looks great quality, it will retail at £60.



Again I have spoken about the Hybrid in great detail on a previous post but after seeing this product again it must be mentioned that the quality is super high. I can’t wait to hear reactions after people start to see this product in person!

Lilies and Lions


This is a brand that we have only sold for around 2 months but I have spoken about them previously on the blog and the furniture is truly stunning. New things from them includes crown drapes and some beautiful shelves – with customers like Simon Cowell and Liv Tyler you will not be disappointed with this furniture!



Lastly we saw the much anticipated SnuzKot which was one of the products I had been really excited to see. The idea behind this is that the Kot can be highly customised to suit your own style and personal taste. The Kot won’t be available until around September 2017 so watch this space for more changes.

Be sure to check out Kind + Jugend 2016 Day 1 and Day 2 for more new items.