cosattogiggle2-foxtale-winstanleyspramworld-review11I’ve always been a total sucker for pretty things; I know it’s kind of material but it’s a trait that comes hand-in-hand with being a graphic designer. Our jobs are essentially to make things look good, but to also make them work really well underneath all the scrumminess.


That’s why I’ve always been such a massive fan of Cosatto; even before I had babies, seeing those brightly coloured, gorgeously patterned products always inspired me and I knew I’d love one for myself when the day came that I decided to become mother to a squishy ball of newborn adorableness.


When my first was born, we were given a travel system as a gift which we were entirely grateful for, but my heart was a little sad that we couldn’t then make the decision to choose our own, so when we were offered the chance to review a Cosatto Giggle 2 whilst pregnant with my second, I could’ve blubbed (*pregnancy hormones*).


The main worry when we’re finally faced with owning something we’ve always loved is that it won’t quite live up to expectations, but thankfully that’s not something we’ve encountered with the Giggle. From simply unboxing (as you can see, my biggest had hours of fun colouring and doodling) to regular, daily use, we’re yet to be disappointed, and of course, it’s fox-tastic!


Here are my absolutely favourite things about the Cosatto Giggle 2:

– It folds SO easily! I am now the lucky Mama of a very active almost 3 year old and a newborn. It can take upwards of an hour for me to even leave the house so time is of the essence when it comes to everything else, and I can officially say I am able to put the Giggle chassis up with one hand (and with a newborn strapped to my chest)! One simple pull up of the handle and it all clicks in place, totally genius.

– Storage; I loved having plenty of storage with one baby, so now with two, I need even more of it and the Giggle bottom basket is ample; I’m able to fit my whole changing bag (which isn’t small – picture Mary Poppins, except the bag isn’t bottomless >_<) underneath the Giggle. There’s also 2 handy pockets on the back of the pushchair great for putting your phone/keys/purse; something I’ve only discovered recently after months of owning it – I love finding little surprises like these!

And things that could be improved:

– The brake is in the middle of the bottom bar that joins each of the back wheels which makes it really easy to press on and off with your foot, yet those with larger feet may find themselves accidentally tapping it on whilst walking. I, personally, have had no issues but Mr Hello Archie has accidentally tapped it on a couple of times.

That’s probably the only real negative I have. The chassis is large but no larger than any other travel system I’ve owned and I can easily fit it in my boot along with the pushchair part and a buggyboard (and I have a Nissan Micra, that’s pretty teeny).


We have adored the Giggle from the initial unboxing to now, 3 months down the line and we use it for both Archie (almost 3) and baby Blue (2 months) depending on our needs; it’s lived up to all our expectations by not only beauty, but function too. I’d have no qualms whatsoever recommending the Giggle to parents and best of all, take your time choosing which gorgeous design you fancy (because you’ll be drooling over them all for hours).