I am writing this post from 20,000 feet in the air, on a plane from Manchester to Tenerife and although not a lot can be said for the flight (Ryanair you leave a lot to be desired!) there is a definite air of excitement from all the little passengers on board, ready for their summer holiday.

Now I’m not a parent myself but after experiencing travelling with my niece and nephew I know that navigating an airport with a little one, entertainment throughout the flight and being in a foreign country out of their carefully executed routine can be challenging for any parent. So today I want to talk about three little gems that can make travel that little bit easier.

The JetKids BedBox

JetKids BedBox - Essential Travel

This has got to be one of the best and most innovative products I have seen in the past year and I cannot say enough good things about it. I have previously written a whole post about it that you can read here but basically the JetKids BedBox is a ride on suitcase that can turn into an in flight bed, genius right? Not only will is keep your little one snug and comfy on a long flight but it can also fit all of their essentials in for when they aren’t snoozing.

Dooky Shade


If you’re baby is in a stroller on holiday it is key to remember that ventilation is super important. So many times I have been on holiday and seen strollers being covered with towels and blankets for shade but often they are too thick and heavy whilst also lacking in UV protection. The Dooky Shade will protect your little one from harmful rays whilst also creating a shaded and cool environment whilst they take a break from the heat, not only that but they come in the most gorgeous designs – grey stars is definitely my favourite!

Make My Day Bibs

Make My Day Baby Bib

This may seem like a weird one but let me explain there is a method to my madness. Dependent on where you are the likelyhood is that you won’t have the facilities or inclination to be washing for you little one. If they’re eating solid foods we all know this can get quite messy! Say hello to ‘Make My Day’ bibs, not only are they the cutest things you have ever seen but they are made from a plastic/silicone material that is completely wipe clean so you can use it day after day minimising mess and the amount of bibs to wash when you get home!