Once you enter into parenthood, one of the biggest decisions you will make is which stroller you are going to buy; some are brilliant and some are not, but one thing is for sure, you will do A LOT of research trying to find the right one!


Although our good friend Google is always on hand to help, it’s the little details that make all the difference and speaking to experts in store will give you years of experience and advice that is truly invaluable.

Today I wanted to bring the experts to you and ask our team here at Pramworld some of their favourite things about one of my favourite pushchairs; the iCandy Peach so here goes…

Name: David Winstanley
Role: Managing Director
Dad to: Daniel

The most impressive thing for me about the iCandy Peach is the way it pushes and just how easily it moves.

Name: Cally Palfreymann
Role: Store Manager

I like how stylish the Peach is as a single stroller and the fact that it doesn’t lose its style when converted to a double.

Name: Nichola Baker
Role: Shop Floor Supervisor
Mum to: Mia & Charlie

I love that the iCandy Peach is suitable for overnight sleeping, this is a really great feature and not one that many carrycots have so it’s definitely something worth thinking about!

Name: Laura Benson
Role: Sales Assistant
Mum to: Sienna

My favourite thing about the iCandy Peach is the height of the seat unit and carrycot as a lot of others can be quite low.

Name: Holly Staniford
Role: Sales Assistant
Mum to: Oliver

I absolute love the Peach in Royal and I really like the double up function of this stroller.

Name: Emily Bebe
Role: Sales Assistant

I like the memory function on the buttons of the seat unit and carrycot, this makes it really easy to take each piece on and off of the chassis.

Name: Nicola Foster
Role: After Sales Manager

If I was to have a baby I think this would be the pram I would go for! The colours are my favourite thing about the iCandy Peach and the fabrics feel a lot more expensive than most, I also really like the basket for carrying all of your baby essentials.