After working at Pramworld for a few years I was convinced that the Nuna Leaf was a great product and when I became pregnant with my second child I thought this was the perfect time to test it out. You might ask yourself why I need a bouncer or rocker that will take up to 60kg in weight but this was one of the features that was very important to me because I also have a 5 year old son. I knew that my son would use the chair when our daughter wasn’t in it and I was definitely right! Dominik loves to sit in the chair when he is watching TV or playing on the PlayStation or even when he just relaxes. We do not have to worry that he will break the Leaf as is it really solid and sturdy unlike other bouncers that usually have a 9kg weight limit. This was great for us as it would be difficult to explain to our son that he wasn’t allowed to use the Leaf and it really helped Dominik to feel more involved and bond with his new sister.

image1 The Nuna Leaf is super stylish and I love the colour which matches our living room, I’m not a huge fan of multi coloured baby equipment so the design was perfect for me and neutral tones mean I can always cover her with a colourful blanket.

Another great feature for the Nuna Leaf is that it doesn’t require batteries and it had a side to side swaying motion which can also be locked too. Once you push the Leaf it will rock for around 2 minutes so If I need to cook or clean I can just give the Leaf a gentle push and I don’t have to side down and constantly rock the bouncer.


The material of the Leaf is washable and very easy to take off and put back on but in-between washes I just use wet wipes and the hoover the keep our Leaf clean. The fabrics are made from Oeko-Tex material so they are chemical free and the toy bar is available as a separate item to keep your little one entertained. We do not use the toy bar right now because our daughters doesn’t seem to like it, I think this is because she can’t see us when it is on but we actually use it on her Nuna Sena travel cot at the moment.

The Nuna Leaf does not have any recline positions but I don’t necessarily think they are needed because the seat has one very comfortable position and it is very easy to fasten the baby in.
One recommendation I would have for this product is to improve the harness design; we started to use this product when our daughter was just a few days old and she didn’t like the sound of the Velcro as it was quite noisy.


We use the Leaf in our garden when the weather is nice and we can rest assured that our daughter is secure and comfortable. The product is quite heavy to move and sometimes I catch the door frames if I am not careful but I would rather move it and use it knowing our children are using a sturdy and safe product.

I really love the Nuna Leaf and would recommend it to everybody, one day we might even use it for our grandchildren!