As an independent retailer we pride ourselves on always offering honest and impartial advice especially when it comes to car seats. A car seat is the one item you will buy when you are pregnant that could potentially be life saving to your little one and you want to make sure they are as safe as possible in a seat that is right for them.

1. Choosing the right group.

The right stage or group of car seat is essential no matter what the age of your child and brands determine this on both weight and height measurements.

2. Check the compatibility

It is important to remember that not every car seat is compatible with every car and it doesn’t matter how big, new or how many seats your car has, the car seat still may not fit. A great place to start with car seat compatibility is the brands website and they all will have a fitting list. If you car seat is not on this list then you can pop into store and somebody will be able to check this for you.

3. Fitting the seat into your car

Fitting the seat can be done one of two ways, either with isofix or a seat belt but no matter which option your choose, it needs to be done correctly. If you choose the isofix option there are usually multiple indicators you have successfully fitted the seat which offers peace of mind and reassurance. For a belted car seat this is slightly more complicated and you need be sure to check you have this 100% right every time. If you are unsure at all of how to fit your seat, pop into store and we can go through this until you feel confident.

4. Be a MAXImum not a MINImum

Once you have found the right car seat for you, your child, and it fits well in your car, stick with this seat until the child has outgrown it. Don’t try to push into the next stage or move too quickly because your little one will always be safest in a seat that is the right size for them.

5. Use your car seat as a car seat

The fact that most strollers can accept as car seat is great and convenient however this was not what car seats were designed for. Car seats were made to keep your children as safe as possible, and due to their shape, your child should be kept in the car seat for no longer than 1.5 hours at a time, for smaller children it is best to ensure they are taken out of the seat around every 30 minutes.

6. Fitting your child in the seat

As well as fitting your car seat in the car, it is also important to make sure your little one is fitted in the car seat properly. Always make sure the harness is in the correct position and it is tight to their body and as we approach winter make sure they are not put In the seat with any bulky coats as this stops the harness from being in the optimum position.

For detailed advice check out our Car Seat Buying Guide.