As we’re coming towards the end of 2016 and we take a look back on the year, one of my favourite brands by far has got to be Mamas & Papas who have seriously raised the bar this year and from bunny bedding to pom-pom mobiles, I’m always excited for the next new launch.


One of my favourite products for 2016 is the Mamas & Papas Ocarro; a definite step in the right direct, the Ocarro is stylish, practical and truly feels like a luxurious high end stroller. The Ocarro is going to be available from January onward but we have been lucky enough to see this stroller a few times now and it is unlike anything we have see from Mamas & Papas before.


One of the first things i noticed about the Ocarro is how sturdy it feels to push yet the swivel wheels keep the stroller maneuverable and lightweight. The larger wheels at the back are great for all terrains and the smaller swivel wheels at the front can also be locked into place if you’re on particularly rough ground. The Ocarro also has a HUGE basket which is great for all of your essentials and the handle is made from a beautiful leatherette material which adds to the luxurious feel of this beautiful stroller.


The seat unit on the Ocarro is complete with a head hugger and the reclined position makes it suitable to use from birth. The seat unit itself is padded and snug and the hood will extend to protect your little one from any wind or sunshine. The bumper bar is also made from the same leatherette as the handle bar and of course the seat unit is reversible which is perfect for bonding with your little one or for them to face the world and explore.


If you want to use a carrycot from birth the Ocarro has the perfect solution, the carrycot is suitable from birth to 6 months and provides a cosy and snug environment for your little one from day 1.

As well as being super practical, Mamas & Papas have really gone to town on the little details with the Ocarro; the quilted hood, chrome chassis and beautiful branding on the side of the stroller really make the Ocarro stand comfortably alongside any stroller on the market and we know you are going to love it just as much as we do!