Adapt & Survive is the tagline from phil&teds and their range of buggies lets you do exactly that – adapt to parenthood and escape the nursery jail without a single hitch because when we enter into parenthood, we still want to retain a sense of self and phil&teds products allow you to do exactly that #winning!


The phil&teds Sport is an award winning buggy that will adapt to your growing family whilst still being slim, manoeuvrable and easy to use but how is this different to any other 3 wheel stroller? Well, let us tell you…

1. The Auto Stop Break is a system that I can best compare to an airport luggage trolley – you know the kind that when you aren’t pressing it down the trolley stops? Well, this fabulous feature keeps your little one safe and secure for those unpredictable moments and can also be clipped down so you don’t have to constantly hold it too!

2. Some double strollers can be a nightmare, especially for getting up and down kerbs but the phil&teds Sport has a great kerb pop feature meaning there is no pram wrestling required even on the highest of kerbs!

3. The ability to convert the phil&teds Sport from a single to double really means that this stroller offers longevity, value for money and grows with your expanding family. If you do only have 1 child, the double kit can also be used as a forward facing seat for your little one!

4. The Sport can also be folded compactly with one hand so getting your little tribe into the car is an absolute breeze!

5. Other features of the Sport include a safe and secure 5 point harness, a slim frame at 59cm (!) and hard-wearing sports fabrics that will still look fabulous in years to come.

For a limited time, we are offering a free of charge double kit with the phil&teds Sport so shop the range and grab this award winning stroller before they’re all gone!