Beautifully British and wonderfully innovative, the iCandy Orange is one on the most exciting launches of 2017, and here at Pramworld, we cannot wait for its arrival! As we are just days away we wanted to share with you some of our favourite features on the Orange and let you take a closer look at all of the little details…

1. The frame of the Orange is super compact and whether your stroller is carrying one or two children, you can rest assured that it will always fit through a standard single doorway. Your may think that a compact stroller means less storage space but this is not the case for the Orange, as it boasts one of the largest baskets on the market!2. The Orange features a built in ride on board which is truly innovative and like nothing we have ever seen before! The board is seamlessly integrated into the chassis itself which means it doesn’t stick out for you to trip over and it comes at no extra cost so all of your children can travel in style!

3. The iCandy Orange fabrics are really beautiful and have been created by two materials being woven together – offering a unique intricate look especially up close.

4. The Orange comes with a rain cover included but this stroller also is great for warmer weather and offers excellent protection. At the back of the hood there is an extra ventilation panel and the extendable hood has a fold out sun visor to keep your little one shaded.5. Not only can the Orange be folded with the seat unit attached but once folded it will also free stand which is great for storage and travelling.

So there are our 5 favourite features of the iCandy Orange and we’re sure we will love it even more once it arrives in to store! Let us know what you think of the Orange and all of its fabulous features.