When it gets to British Summer time we want to get out and about with our little ones as much as possible and sometimes a travel system can be difficult to push especially around parks or more rough terrain, but what is the alternative?

Designed here in the UK, the Out n About Nipper Sport is the great solution, not only for running enthusiasts but for parents who embrace the outdoors and want a stroller that can really stand the test of time. Today we want to tell you all about the features of this wonderful product, a definite contender if you are looking for a new pushchair this summer!

There is no doubt that the Nipper Sport is made for parents with an active lifestyle and out of the whole range from Out n About, the Nipper Sport is definitely the most ‘all terrain’ to really help parents push the boundaries with your little ones in tow.

On first look the Nipper Sport looks sturdy with a sleek black chassis and really durable fabrics that are available in a range of colours – we absolutely love the grey! The Sport has three air tyres and the front wheel is fixed to offer great control over rough terrain however this of course limits maneuverability in more compact spaces. The chassis also features a foot brake for when the pram is stationary but also a hand brake to be used for ultimate control especially when travelling downhill with your stroller.

For your little one, the Sport has quite a large seat unit and also a really padded liner which will keep them comfortable whilst you’re out and about. The seat unit also features a bumper bar which is great for toddlers to hold on to and it can also be removed to get them out quickly and easily without any issues!

Folding the Sport is quick and easy to do and it is also quite compact in size compared to similar products which is definitely what you want for getting this stroller in and out of the car after your outdoor adventure!

If you are looking for a new stroller this summer then the Nipper Sport is definitely one to consider and will make getting out and about just that little bit easier!

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