Transporting two little ones can be a large load especially with all of their essentials and a big double stroller! With a little help from the team over at Joie, this no longer has to be the case, as the Joie Evalite Duo can make getting from A to B an absolute breeze!

At just over 10kg the Joie Evalite Duo is super lightweight and rivals most pushchairs on the market for a lightweight double pushchair. The Wheels at the back of the Evalite are a good size, offering a smooth ride for both mum and baby and the front wheels are super maneuverable, but can be locked over rougher terrain.

The Evalite Duo can be folded with one hand and once folded, the compact frame is just 98 x 57cm. The chassis folds flat enough to fit into a small boot or for storage in the house in a small space, which is great for when you aren’t using the pushchair or when you swap to a single stroller.

For a toddler and a newborn, the Evalite Duo can be used with a car seat on the go. The Instant Sure Lock™ cleverly syncs all Joie infant carriers to the back seat of the stroller, so you don’t have to wake your newborn if they are snoozing! For the rest of the time, the back seat of the Evalite lays completely flat which is great for your baby whilst your toddler travels up front exploring the world around them!

The front seat has a good recline and both hoods are adjustable to protect both children from the elements, the Evalite Duo also comes with a rain cover from rainy days!

The Evalite duo is available in three gorgeous colours, so you can pick one to suit your style and navigate the streets with your little ones in style!