Customisation is a really big trend this year in the world of strollers and Quinny have definitely joined the party with their new Zapp X stroller collection, which was launched in the UK just yesterday! The Zapp X Collection is a new and fresh take on their current Zapp stroller, the infinite colour options really allow you to ‘walk your way’ as the tagline suggests!

The collection is made up of three models; the Zapp Flex Plus, Zapp Flex and Zapp Xpress, all of which can slot into family life perfectly, depending on your lifestyle, from birth to toddler, there is an option for you and your little ones.

Firstly let’s look at the Zapp Flex Plus, as the most expensive model in the range the Flex Plus offers ultimate luxury strolling from birth to toddler and has a few extra features that you won’t see in the rest of the collection such as the 4 larger wheels and closed handlebar offering a smooth and comfortable push for both mum and dad. From birth, the Zapp Flex Plus can be used either with a Lux carrycot or the from birth cocoon, which can easily be placed on top of the seat unit for a snug and comfortable lay flat position. When your newborn reaches around 6 months old, the seat unit can both parent and forward face to suit your little explorer and the extendable sun hood will keep them protected from all of the elements. The Zapp Flex Plus can also be used with a car seat for super ease from birth, the car seats are available in colours to match your strollers so your little one can always travel in style!

The next model in the collection is the Zapp Flex and just like the Flex Plus, the Flex can be used from birth with the lay flat cocoon and you can also attach a car seat for easy strolling. Once a little older the seat unit can also face both ways with a large sun canopy for great protection. The main differences in this model come on the frame; the Flex has three wheels making it super maneuverable and just like the previous Quinny Zapp, the iconic split handle bar looks great and makes for a comfortable push.

The final model in the Zapp X Collection comes in the form of the Zapp Xpress; lightweight, compact and ready to tackle every adventure. The Xpress is a great buggy option for your toddler as the seat unit can only face outwards for ultimate exploring. If you do want to use the Xpress from birth, the fabrics can be removed allowing you to attach the Lux Carrycot to the frame for a roomy lay flat option and the seat unit has a zip recline for afternoon snoozing. Just like the Flex, the Xpress has three wheels and a split handle making the Xpress great to maneuver around the city especially in small spaces!

As mentioned previously, the Zapp X Collection is ultimately customisable with lots of colour options to choose from, allowing you to truly express your style too! You have the option to choose the handlebar, wheels, seat and hood colours, aswell as accessories and much more! Shop the range and let us know what you think of this fabulous addition to the Quinny family.