Here at Pramworld, we are huge advocates of keeping our little ones rearward facing for as long as possible and we try to pass on our knowledge and experiences to our customers, as we also want your little ones to be as safe as possible. So why rearward face? In a car accident, children are especially vulnerable as their heads are disproportionately heavy in comparison to their body. Due to their neck muscles not being fully developed, if you child is thrown forward in a front impact, their head is also thrown forward at a tremendous force, this force will result in a significant strain on their neck and head. If your child is rearward facing, the shell of the seat will act as a protective shield and absorb the impact meaning that the strain on the neck is 5 times less than if you child was forward facing.

In this post we want to introduce you to 5 of our favourite extended rearward facing seats and hopefully help you to make your decision a little easier if you are looking for a next stage car seat.

  1. BeSafe izi Modular

The BeSafe iZi Modular is a great option if you are looking for an ERF seat and it has been a firm favourite with us since its launch in 2015. The seat is i-Size approved which adheres to the most up to date legislation in the UK and it has also received an ADAC top score as well as a Which? Best Buy! The iZi Modular allows you to keep your little one rearward facing until they are 4 years old but if you need to, you can also turn this seat forward facing after 15 months old which makes it really flexible for you and your toddler.

Why we love this seat…

  • The magnets on the side of the seat keep the harness out of the way make getting your little one in and out really simple.
  • A really good recline that is simple to use.
  • Due to this being a modular system the base and the seat are separate making moving the seat from car to car much easier.
  • Excellent leg room that can also be adjusted.
  1. Axkid MiniKid

 The AxKid Minikid is a real cult favourite for ERF lovers as it is the only seat on this list that can rearward face up until 25kg and has passed the Swedish Plus Test*. Slimline and lightweight, the Minikid weighs just 9kg and takes up minimal space in most cars. Fitting is done with a seat belt and tethers but the auto tensioning system makes this quick and easy to do.

Why we love this seat…

  • Auto tensioning system which makes fitting easy
  • Auto height adjustment to make the seat comfortable and snug
  • Super lightweight making it easy to move
  • Tested up to 25kg for rearward facing
  • Swedish Plus test approved
  1. Joie Every Stage

 1 car seat, 4 stages and 12 years, the Joie Every Stage will rearward face from birth until 4 years old but also offers forward facing travel from 4 until your child is approximately 12. One thing we love about the Every Stage is the excellent recline and really good padding around the seat to keep your toddler super comfortable. With a price of around £200, the Every Stage is AMAZING value for money working out at just £16.67 per year, this would be a great option for Mum and Dad or even as a secondary can seat in grandparents car.

Why we love this seat…

  • Really affordable
  • From birth – 12 years – good option for grandparents
  • Good recline and good padding making the seat super comfortable
  • Easy to install for belt fitting
  1. Maxi Cosi 2way Pearl

The 2way Pearl is an excellent car seat from industry leaders Maxi Cosi and offers everything you would wish for in safety, comfort and simplicity. Just like the BeSafe seat, the 2way Pearl is a modular system meaning the base and car seat are separate items which is great for transporting the seat from car to car but also means you can use the base with your first car seat too.

Why we love this seat…

  • Easy to install
  • i-Size tested
  • Good recline
  • A tall seat offering longevity for your growing toddler
  • Digital display for fitting to reduce the risk of incorrect fitting
  1. Joie i-Anchor

The Joie i-Anchor Advance is the third i-Size tested seat on this list and fits quickly and easily into your car with the use of isofix. The i-Anchor Advance can rearward face up until your child is 105cm (this is around 4 years old) and there is a 7 position recline which is perfect for a newborn. If for any reason you want to turn your child forward facing when they are a little older this can be easily done and at just £300 this car seat is a great price too!

Why we love this seat…

Good padding making the seat really comfortable

  • Rearward and forward facing is quick and easy to change
  • A modular system that can also be used with the Joie i-Gem
  • A good price point at £300