When you’re shopping for your newborn baby, each purchase will be carefully considered, but if there is one product that is more important than the rest, it has to be the car seat.

The seat you choose will carry your most precious cargo and is the only item that will be potentially life-saving, should you happen to be involved in a car crash. Lots of car seats come ‘free’ or ‘included’ with your stroller but never just accept that this is the case and be sure to do your research to find the one that is right for you.

Today we want to talk about the Cybex Cloud Q, a car seat that not only offers lots of great safety features with excellent test scores, but a seat that has also won the prestigious red dot design award for its innovative yet simplistic design.

The Cloud Q is a seat that is suitable from birth to approximately 18 months old (0-13kg) and for very small or premature babies, there is a newborn inlay that can easily be removed once your little one gets bigger.

The harness is adjusted simultaneously with the head rest that has 11 different height positions and because the harness length changes automatically, this means there is no need for re threading each time which can be a nightmare!

A really unique feature about the Cloud Q, and one that I really love is that the seat can easily recline; something that not all car seats can do. The recline means this can work as a carrycot when used outside of the car and you aren’t limited to 2 hours use like a lot of infant carriers.


The recline offers a near flat laying position and the XXL sun canopy protects your baby from sun rays with a UVP protection of 50+.

The Cloud Q has lots of safety features that will work to protect your little one in the event of an accident including extra wide harness straps to spread any force over a wider area, an energy absorbing shell and a telescopic L.S.P system that is extended on the side of the seat closest to the door and works to channel any forces away from your baby.

Available in lots of different colour ways you also have the option of fabrics for the Cloud Q; Comfort fabrics are super cosy and are available in 5 colour ways whilst plus fabrics are available in 7 different colours offering an exclusive twill denim effect.  We also should mention the fabulous fashion collections; Birds of Paradise and Hide & Seek – colourways that are sure to turn heads wherever you go!

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