Adapt & Survive is the tagline from phil&teds because that’s exactly what they allow you to do – adapt to parenthood and escape the nursery jail without a single hitch, because when we enter into parenthood, we still want to retain a sense of self and phil&teds products allow you to do exactly that #winning!

Throughout our parenting day we will push, sleep, carry, feed and drive our little ones, so we want our baby products to be as helpful as possible, whilst we are adapting into this new parenting role. The phil&teds Adventure bundle does exactly that for the price of 1 stroller in most cases!!

So, whats included?

phil&teds Sport Buggy

The phil&teds Sport is an award winning buggy that will adapt to your growing family whilst still being slim, maneuverable and easy to use, but how is this different to any other 3 wheel stroller? Well, let us tell you what we love about this fabulous pushchair…

Pramworld Loves…

  • The Auto Stop break system that I can best compare to an airport luggage trolley – you know the kind that when you aren’t pressing it down the trolley stops? Well, this fabulous feature keeps your little one safe and secure for those unpredictable moments and can also be clipped down so you don’t have to constantly hold it too!
  • The ability to convert the phil&teds Sport from a single to double really means that this stroller offers longevity, value for money and grows with your expanding family. If you do only have 1 child, the double kit can also be used as a forward-facing seat for your little one too!

phil&teds Airlight Carrier

Unbelievably light and easy to use, the phil&teds airlight carrier packs down to the size of a water bottle meaning you can take it on every adventure!

Pramworld Loves…

  • The breathable mesh fabric not only makes the carrier super lightweight but also means your little one will be kept cool too.
  • It may seem small but this carrier can be used until your child is 12kg in weight!

phil&teds Parade Carrier

A little more substantial than the Airlight, the Parade carrier is still one of the lightest around and at just 2kg, it is brilliantly lightweight for family adventures. For use up to 18kg the Parade offers maximum comfort for both mum and dad and once your little one is too big to be carried, the detachable backpack can be used to carry all of their essentials!

Pramworld Loves…

  • Designed to be super convenient, the Parade has a pop out stand that keeps it sturdy on the ground whilst you load your little in safely!
  • The detachable backpack is perfect for an older brother or sister to wear too – just like mum and dad!

phil&teds Traveller Crib & Sun Cover

Every ounce counts when travelling with a baby and at just 3.2kgs, you won’t even know you are carrying the phil&teds Traveller! The cot can be assembled in just a few moments and your little one will love the mesh panels that they can see through as they drift of to sleep.

Pramworld Loves…

  • Once folded, the Traveller is super compact so when you aren’t using it, it doesn’t take up too much space!
  • The Traveller makes the perfect playpen when your little on isn’t sleeping too.

phil&teds Lobster Portable Highchair

Have Lobster at the table every day with this phil&teds portable highchair! A firm favourite amongst parents, the Lobster is quick and simple to use which is great especially if you have a ‘hangry’ toddler! The Lobster attaches and detaches by twisting the handles which also means it can be used at any table – genius!

Pramworld Loves…

  • The food tray is easily removed which is great for cleaning up after a messy toddler
  • Complete with its own carry bag, the Lobster packs away super flat making it perfect for transporting too!

If this isn’t already loads of great products, the Adventure bundle also comes with a snuggle&snooze sleeping bag, a cocoon baby carrycot and a super handy cup holder for just £917.75!! WOW!

If you’re ready to take on your parenting day adventure then shop the bundle here and let us know what you think!