When I think of Stokke, I think of simplistic, practical and beautifully designed pieces that are made to last and grow with your children. Originating with their first children’s product; the Tripp Trapp, Stokke design products that work together to fit into your family lifestyle and provide years of use for you and your children.

One of the latest designs to come from the brand is the Stokke Home, a revolutionary furniture concept that can be used from birth to 5 years starting with the cradle for your newborn all the way up to using the Stokke Home as a day bed or sofa.

So, let’s start with the cradle, a beautifully simplistic piece of furniture made from solid wood and suspended fabric, allowing your newborn to be rocked to sleep and offering excellent airflow. The cradle is lightweight meaning it can easily be moved from room to room and the two different colour options will look beautiful in any space.

The Stokke Home Dresser complements the cradle beautifully and from birth the two pieces are elegant and practical making the perfect nursery. The Home changer can be added to make a changing table and when your baby is older, the changer can be easily removed to leave the dresser top in perfect condition. The drawers are different in size to hold all of your essentials and the soft close feature means you won’t wake a sleeping baby!

If you don’t want to use the cradle, the Stokke Home bed is suitable to be used from birth and the adjustable mattress height means you can adjust the bed dependent one your child’s age. When your baby gets a little older, the side panels can be removed to leave just a bed and you are able to buy a separate bed rail to keep your toddler safe until they get a little older.

Once your toddler outgrows the bed at around 5 years old, the Stokke Home can still be used as a playhouse or a bedroom sofa that can be made snuggly with lots of cushions and blankets!

The Home bed offers lots of customisation options and you can design the bed that is perfect for you and your child. Whether you are looking for a calm and serene environment for your newborn or a fun and fabulous play house for your toddler, the Stokke Home has a range of fabrics available to create the perfect centerpiece to your nursery.

Shop the range here and let us know how you have styled your Stokke Home nursery!