At a glance…

If there is one product that I know most parents would absolutely recommend, it has to be some kind of carrier or sling and the latest carrier to hit our store is the Cybex Yema, a front, hip and back carrier that allows you to carry your baby in style.

Now we all know how much I love Cybex and before we get into the functions of this carrier I just want to take a moment to look at the overall design of the Yema, as I’m sure you’ll agree it is absolutely beautiful.

Just like a lot of their products, the Yema is available in a core range of colours and then the stunning fashion collections; birds of Paradise and Hide & Seek. All of the designs are made from beautifully soft fabrics which look and feel really plush to offer comfort and support to your baby right from birth.

The main range of carriers are available in grey, black and navy but if you’re looking for something a little more special but not quite the fashion collections, the Yema is also available in a black colour way with luxury textured leather accents which is absolutely beautiful.

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Out of the box…

On first look the Yema seems really simplistic and unlike other carriers that have lots of buckles, straps and adjustable parts, the Yema appears to be extremely ‘no fuss’ – a style that I personally really love and hopefully the fitting lives up to this too!

The Yema is advertised as suitable from birth however a minimum weight of 7lbs is advised before you start to use this carrier and overall the Yema can be used until approximately 2 years old for front, hip and back carrying dependent on the age of your child.

Tried and tested…

For fitting of the Yema we started by setting up the carrier to suit the age of our tester tot Isla who is just two months old and by adjusting the fabrics within the waistband to the age bracket clearly stated the width of the fabric is widened, as the child gets older. This is a feature I really love and something I haven’t seen before, so definitely one to look out for.

Once the Yema is in the right position, the carrier is easily buckled around your waist and the adjustment is just like that of a rucksack to fit securely into place. I then picked up Isla and by securing her with one arm, the fabric was easily brought into place around her. I then put straps over my shoulders and held them tightly at the bottom of my back to secure the baby, which then allowed me to use both hands to cross the straps over for maximum back support. These are then brought around to the front of the waistband and crossed over again (under the baby’s bottom) and then tied at the back for maximum security.

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Now all of the above may seem like a lot, especially on your own however after trying this myself I can promise you it is not. Isla feels secure and really comfortable whilst I too feel supported and confident that she is super safe.

Final thoughts…

I really do love this carrier and it certainly ticks all of the boxes for ease of use, design and comfort for your little one. For long periods of wear I think the Yema is quite structured and personally I would maybe look to switch between this and a wrap or sling but overall it’s a big thumbs up from us here at Pramworld!