When I think of an ‘all terrain’ stroller, I typically imagine something big like a phil&teds Sport or a Thule Urban Glide, but what about those of us who need a hybrid? Something that combines all terrain suspension with the compactness and maneuverability of a lightweight stroller? Well, let me introduce you to two strollers from Mountain Buggy, because just like their tagline ‘Life Without Limit’ these two shining stars allow us to do all of the above and then some!

Today we want to take a look at both strollers and the features that make them great for both city dwelling and country strolling, but before we talk about these fabulous features, let’s talk about the difference between the two models…

What are the differences…

  • You will find a hand brake on the Mountain Buggy Swift, but a footbrake on the Mini. A handbrake is often a lot easier to use and means you don’t kick the brake whilst walking!
  • The wheels of the Swift are air tyres and the Mini wheels are solid. The air tyres make for added suspension but don’t forget there is also a chance of punctures!
  • Overall the Swift is 1.5kg heavier than the Mini however, dependent on your lifestyle, the extra weight may offer a little more sturdiness.

City dwelling with your Mountain Buggy…

  • The smallest strollers in the Mountain Buggy range the Mini & Swift have a footprint of just 82.5cm which is perfect for navigating those city streets.
  • Cleverly engineered ‘kerb pop’ means getting up and down kerbs is easier than ever before, especially if you are pushing an older child!
  • A 360-degree swiveling front wheel makes for super maneuverability amongst busy pathways.
  • The one button harness release makes getting your toddler in and out really easy, especially if you are hopping on public transport!

Country strolling with your Mountain Buggy…

  • A fully lay flat recline is perfect for afternoon snoozing in the park.
  • The front wheel can be locked to make walking on rougher terrains much easier.
  • The foot parking brake on the Mini is flip flor friendly for long summer strolls.
  • A longer and easily adjustable handle bar makes this stroller the perfect height for both mum and dad!
  • Excellent suspension for walking on even the rockiest of terrains!

Perfect for the summer months, the Mountain Buggy strollers are definitely ones to consider if you’re looking for a new pushchair this year. Shop the range here and let us know which one you prefer!