When you think of keeping your little one safe in the car, the first obvious step is to buy a safe car seat that perfectly fits your vehicle however as we move into the summer months (fingers crossed it isn’t over for the UK just yet!) it is important that we take a few extra steps to keep our children safe in the car as the temperature rises.

Inside a parked car, the temperature can rise incredibly quickly and within 30 minutes the car could be 10 degrees warmer than it was previously. For an adult this isn’t as much of an issue but for your baby, their ability to sweat is not fully developed yet and due to their small size, their bodies produce more heat which if not monitored, can be extremely dangerous. It may sound obvious, but babies, just like our pets, should never be left unattended in the car, but especially on warmer days it is really important.

Now we understand that it isn’t possible to completely stay out of the car on summer days so we want to give you some tips on how you can keep your baby safe and a little cooler when the heat rises!

  1. Regular Breaks

Even if its just a quick stop it always helps to get your baby out of the car for some fresh air and a break especially on longer journeys. This will help to cool them down but it will also allow them to have a stretch out too!

  1. Shade and Sun Protection

It is advised that you always protect you child’s head from any direct sunlight to prevent heat stroke and this can easily be done by adding sunshades to your windows. Some infant car seats will also have SPF protection in their hoods too, for example the BeSafe izi Go Modular iSize has a SPF of 50+ which offers great protection.

  1. Summer Cover

Lots of car seats will have the option to buy an additional summer cover for your car seat which are usually in a lighter colour to help deflect heat and the terry cloth material will help to absorb any extra moisture.

Along with the help of BeSafe, we want to help spread the word about car safety during summer so feel free to share this post with your friends and we hope you have a wonderful summer!!