As your little one grows and they become more independent they may need less help from mum and dad but one thing that doesn’t change is the need to keep them as safe as possible, especially in the car. Today we want to take a closer look at the brand new Trifix iSize; developed by car seat safety pioneers Britax, the Trifix iSize is a dual facing car seat with lots of fabulous features which are sure to offer all round protection for your child as they grow.

Out of the box the Trifix iSize feels sturdy and the fabrics are of excellent quality, the seat is cushioned for comfort and the colour is lovely too!

Fitting of the Trifix iSize is done using the isofix points aswell as the top tether, this is quick and easy to do and means space in the foot well is maximised because you don’t have to use a leg extension.

When it comes to using the Trifix iSize, there are many features that will increase your child’s safety and as the Trifix iSize is said to offer all around protection, we wanted to look at some of the safety features in a little more detail…

Isofix Points & a Top Tether

As mentioned earlier, the Trifix iSize is installed with integrated isofix to offer maximum safety and the red/green indicators will give you peace of mind that your seat is fitted properly. Together with the top tether, the isofix points make for a super sturdy fit and mean that the seat is suitable in a wide range of vehicles.

V-Shaped Head Rest & Performance Chest Pads

These two features are designed to be perfectly adjustable to your child and no matter what their age, they will adjust to protect your child for as long as they are using the seat. The performance chest pads comfortably fit to your child’s chest and will minimise movement during a collision whilst the V-shaped adjustable head rest is designed to control your child’s head movement in the event of an accident and offer maximum protection.

Excellent Side Impact Protection

Like a lot of Britax seats, the Trifix iSize has integrated SICT to offer excellent protection in the event of a side impact. SICT works by keeping your child as far away as possible from the impact whilst absorbing energy at the same time. You will also notice the ‘wings’ on the side of the seat are quite deep to cocoon your little one and reduce the risk of injuries.

5 Point Harness

A 5 point harness is the perfect way to keep your little one safe and secure in their car seat and the Trifix Harness can easily be adjusted to make the fit as good as possible. The 5 points allow any force from an impact to be distributed evenly across the body and as the headrest is adjusted, the harness moves too for a seat that easily grows with your toddler.

As well as these fabulous features, the Trifix iSize also has multiple recline positions to keep your child comfortable and super soft washable fabrics which are great for both you and your little one! This car seat is available for pre-order now and if you’re in the market for a next stage seat, this one is definitely worth a look!

Shop the range here and let us know what you think!