When I had my second baby boy, my first baby boy was 2 years 7 months old. We were sure we wouldn’t need a double pushchair and for a while, we didn’t. The biggest walked or used a buggy board and I’d carry the baby in a wrap if I needed the other one in the pushchair. As time went on, the baby got heavier and the biggest, more excitable and less obedient, and I’d find myself dreaming of a strapping them both in and having a relaxing walk around the shops. The older he would get, the more we would think, ‘it’s too late now to invest in a double pushchair, isn’t it? Surely he wouldn’t need it for much longer? One day soon, he will be so much more mature and his little legs will be strong enough to carry him on and on.’

7 months later, and we were still thinking the same thing.

When I was asked to try out the Cosatto Supa Dupa, I crossed my fingers that we would be able to review the twin and alas, all my dreams came true and here we are with our Supa Dupa TWIN (and isn’t monster arcade just the grooviest print?).

It turns out, my only regret is that we didn’t bother to invest in one sooner.

Archie is an incredibly active and excitable 3 year old. By excitable, I mean, if you turn your head for a second, he can make an escape quicker than Houdini; he does not consider danger, he is terrifyingly fearless and sometimes, when I’m planning to visit the shops or take a walk on my own with the boys, the Supa Dupa has been an absolute life-saver. Archie loves sitting next to his little brother, who in return loves that Archie is there to keep him entertained (and to share his rice cakes with), and we have found so many uses since it arrived.

Here are just 3 of the times in the past month we have been so thankful for the Supa Dupa twin.

  1. We recently visited a theme park, in the school holidays (why oh why did we do that?) and the place was manic. Archie was adamant he’d like to walk, so Jesse remained in the puschair and we used the other side for our drinks/snacks etc. Half way through the day, Archie’s little legs were too tired and he’d happily sit in the pushchair with his brother whilst we carted them both around enjoying the fact we didn’t have to carry a 3 year old on our shoulders in the midst of the blazing sun. The canopies turned out to be absolutely perfect at keeping them both in shade for nap time when the sun was at it’s highest.
  2. My other half works long hours and I’m often home with the boys on my own. I’m quite petite and I started to struggle with Jesse in the carrier at around 7 months. Just a simple trip to the supermarket became mayhem when Archie refused to stay put on his buggy board or would dart out of sight whilst I was trying to maneouver his brother’s pushchair, and I craved for one simple trip without wraps and shouting and tears. Since we’ve had the Supa Dupa, every single shopping trip has been blissfully simple. The canopies even have slots for tablets and an internal speaker, so you can pop them right over their heads and stick the Kinder Egg lady on YouTube on for a seriously relaxing trip.
  3. Occasionally, we pop to the local park for the day and mostly, Archie will walk. We throw all of our picnic stuff into the empty side of the Supa Dupa when he’s out, but quite often after a long day, he will tire and plop himself in. It’s great that he has his own independence to be able to jump in and out of the Supa Dupa whenever he pleases and that we now have the choice to allow him to do that or strap him in if needed.



I’ve rambled on about why it’s been great for us, without even discussing the awesome bits & bobs this pushchair has (can you tell I flipping love it?). I’ve already mentioned the iPad pockets and speaker, but the pushchair comes with two insulated storage bags (one for each side); perfect for keeping snacks cool or bottles warm. Archie loves popping his toys or sweets into his when we’re out; that way he’s able to help himself whenever he’s hungry. Double the pushchair equals double the storage beneath (and what parent doesn’t need extra storage with all that stuff?), as well as a pocket on the back which is great for keeping your purse/phone/keys in. Both seats fully recline for a comfortable nap time and for so long I’ve wanted a pushchair where the canopies pull over so far they negate the need for a seperate parasol.


Probably not a huge deal for most, but the fact the pushchair comes with a bottle holder was a huge bonus for me too. I’ve always thought to myself how handy a bottle holder would be but have always procrastinated in actually purchasing one and the majority of pushchairs don’t actually come with them; the Supa Dupa helped to negate my lazy and for that, I am eternally grateful (because I have too many things to procrastinate about already).

Is it big? Yes, fairly. It is a double pushchair after all. Does it fold easily? Once you loosen it up, yes! It even stands up when folded (genius). Does it fit in my tiny little Nissan Micra boot? Yes it does. Tick tick tick.

I like to be honest when I’m reviewing and I hate to gush, but I’ve never been so in love with a pushchair before; my only regret is not giving in and investing in one sooner as now life and travel are both so much easier. For twins, and two under two, I’m sure it would be even handier, but when you have an older one who sometimes just needs a little rest or a nap and a younger one whose still dependent on their pushchair, you should consider it, because I now don’t know what on earth we’d do without it now!